What's The Best TESOL / TEFL Course for Online ESL Teachers?

What's The Best TESOL / TEFL Course for Online ESL Teachers?

Most online teaching jobs require a BA in any area and a 120-hour TESOL / TEFL certificate. OnTESOL offers self-paced and semi-synchronous options for online ESL teachers. 

Self-Paced Option with Tutor Support: 

To meet the minimum requirement, the 120-hour course will give you the credentials you need to get started as an online ESL teacher. You can also add the 20-hour Teaching English Online specialist to your 120-hour course for a 75% discount during enrollment. This is a self-paced option with tutor feedback and support.  

Semi-Synchronous Option with Live Workshops:

Our 168-hour course combines the 120-hour course with the live workshop and 3 specialists, including one for online ESL teachers. The live workshops are extremely helpful for passing the lesson planning assignments in the 120-hour course. They provide an interactive learning environment that brings all the benefits of an in-class course to your home. During the live sessions, you will be able to ask questions and you will get to participate in group activities with other peers in preparation for the lesson planning assignments. 


You can learn more about teaching English online on our guide at https://ontesol.com/teach-english-abroad/

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