How does the Practicum work?

How does the Practicum work?

The Practicum will be scheduled after you complete the TESOL course. Candidates can complete the Practicum in any country, whether at an ESL school, community centre that offers ESL classes, LINC program, or TESOL/TEFL institute.
  • TESL Canada Standard 1: 10 hours of class observation and 10 hours of teaching practice with adult ESL students of different levels.
  • TESL Canada Standard 2: 30 hours of class observation and 20 hours of teaching practice with adult ESL students of different levels.

For the class observation part, you will have to observe the supervising teacher and write reports on his or her performance.

For the teaching practice part, the supervising teacher will set up your classes and tell you about the topics you have to teach. You will be required to create a lesson plan and submit it before the start of your class. Your supervising teacher will mark you on your lesson planning skills and your teaching skills and you will get feedback after each class.

OnTESOL will moderate all the documents and issue your final TESOL certificate with Practicum after you complete the Practicum module.

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